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Welcome to LOPO

LOPO (LOcal POlicies) is Naestved Municipality's international study visit programme. It allows you to get acquainted with the Scandinavian welfare model aimed at all the municipality's tasks, such as care for elderly and disabled, children, youth, environment, public management, education, information and communication technology, labour market, etc.

Portrætbillede af borgmester Carsten Rasmussen


    Since we established the LOPO international study visit programme in 1991 many professionals, students, administrators, politicians, researchers and others have participated in the technical study visit arrangements with subjects relating to the entire public sector.

    I hope that our LOPO-programme will inspire you and your organization to visit Naestved.

    Yours Sincerely 
    Carsten Rasmussen 
    Mayor of Naestved

    As a LOPO participant you will see, experience and obtain firsthand knowledge of what is the core of the Danish welfare model through a series of presentations, guided plant visits and meetings with citizens.

    We have over 100 international visitors per year for more than 20 years and we have continuously developed the LOPO programme, so it meets today's demands and requirements.
    And if you have special request, we will try to fulfil it.


    The municipalities in Denmark are responsible for a broad variety of services for the citizens. These assignments are often performed in a close partnership with local and regional private companies and in Naestved we have a remarkable collaboration with the local business and industry.

    Areas like elementary education, healthcare, eldercare and environment are core tasks, but also within ICT, planning and psychiatric treatment Naestved has experience and skills that are highly recommended abroad.

    We can assist you in establishing contact with relevant companies in the desired field of study.


    Naestved has 83,000 inhabitants. Only a short one-hour trip by train, bus or car divides Naestved from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

    You can choose to stay in Copenhagen and visit Naestved for only one day, or you can choose to stay with us for a longer period.

    There is no stay too short or too long, for participant in the LOPO programme in Naestved. Our city welcomes you, and hope that you and your city, educational institution or whomever you are travelling with, will visit us soon.

    We offer flexibility in programme structure, with options that include half, full and extended day programs year around (except in July).

    Conditions for a study visit

    • A study visit may last from 2 hours to several days.
    • Agreement on a study visit must be made at least three months before the actual visit.
    • The content of the program is done in collaboration with you or your contact person.
    • The program can be a mixture of presentations, visits to municipal institutions, visits to private companies and sightseeing tours.
    • The presentations are given in Danish.
    • Our international staff will take good care of you during your visit.
    • On a one or several days’ visit the lunch is included in the programme at an agreed price.
    • An invoice will be sent shortly after your visit.

    We can help

    We can help you with various practical matters during your visit, hoping that your stay here in Naestved begins in the best possible way.

    • E.g.:
    • Interpreter
    • Transfer between Copenhagen and Naestved
    • Transfer between the different destinations in the programme
    • Hotel reference
    • Restaurant reference
    • Sightseeing in Naestved


    Our prices may vary depending on the complexity of the programme or the time needed to prepare and deliver your customized programme.

    Basically, the price pr. hour up to 30 persons is DKK 2,200.
    However, the minimum price for a 2-hour presentation is DKK 5,000.

    Transport by bus or taxi organized by us will be added in the final billing.


    Lone Piil
    LOPO coordinator
    Phone: +45 5588 5052
    Mobile: +45 2178 6810
    E-mail: lopii@naestved.dk

    Maria Santana
    International Consultant
    Phone: +45 5588 5252
    Mobile: +45 2178 7021
    E-mail: masan@naestved.dk

    The LOPO programme is constructed in a way that allows the participants to combine different modules and construct courses that fulfil their requirements. The programme consists of different modules with the duration of two to five hours.

    The modules can be lectures, visits at institutions or companies, practical training, participation in the ordinary workday of our staff, etc.

    We have a large corps of experienced lecturers chosen for their ability to present Naestved Municipality in a professional way. The many different modules can be composed entirely to your desire and it is possible to adjust the individually modules to give you a balanced impression of the chosen subject.


    • Health and Welfare for the Elderly
    • Services and Programmes for People with Disability
    • Child and Youth Care
    • Environment and Planning
    • Education
    • Arts and Culture
    • Labour Market
    • Local Government and Administration
    • Business Development


    Center for Politik og Udvikling


    Email: kommunikation@naestved.dk